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  • Controlling Placement Of Workloads Of An Application Within An Application Environment
  • Multi-objective Driven Refactoring Of Monolith Application Using Reinforcement Learning
  • Decentralized Online Multi-Agent Visual Question Answering
  • System and Method for Fact-checking AI models using Blockchain
  • Option-Based Distributed Reservation System
  • Data Quality Control

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Defensive Publications

  • System And Method For Executing Optimization Transactions In Distributed Ledger Technology Based Applications
  • System And Method For Processing State Dependent Optimization Transactions On Blockchain
  • Layer-wise Model Compression/acceleration With Multiple Objectives
  • Hierarchical Multi-agent Systems For Multi-objective / Multi-metric Classification
  • Behavioral Constraints Inclusive Conversation Goal Evaluation
  • System And Method For Blockchain Enabled Market Place For Real-time Analytical Models
  • Outcome Based Transaction Reconciliation
  • System And Method For External Recommendation Network Based Review & Incentivization Of Research Reviews Using Blockchain
  • System And Method For Geographic Proximity Based Contact Recommendation For Meeting